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Aquatic Physio

Aquatic Physiotherapy is Physiotherapy in a heated pool.  It is a program of exercises individually designed by our specially trained Physiotherapist who works one on one with clients in the pool.
The buoyancy of water minimizes the stress on the muscles and joints of the legs and spine, thereby allowing normal pain free movement.

A variety of conditions respond well to the comforting nature of water. Fear of water or poor swimming ability is no reason to avoid Aquatic Physiotherapy, as our Physiotherapist will supervise your activities in only waist deep water. 

Your first visit will be to our clinic where a full assessment of your condition and treatment plan specific to your needs will be competed.




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Initial consultation

(allow 45 to 60 mins)


Aquatic Physiotherapy

(allow 45 mins)
(Plus a small pool entry fee)







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