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Learn Self Massage

self massage 

If you have experienced muscle tension, spasm or pain, it is very likely that you have rubbed, squeezed, pinched or pressed the offending area.

You have, without being aware of it, provided self massage to your body.

Learn effective Self Massage techniques with our 3 hour course!

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Who would benefit from this course?


If you sit, stand or move you are likely to develop increased muscle tension at some point in your life. This can and does lead to a myriad of physical problems that we see in clinic every day.


  • Elite & Amateur Sports Enthusiasts


You will be able to apply the techniques following training or sport if you are an athlete, thereby relieving tired and sore muscles and possibly reducing the risk of injury. You will also be assisting recovery time in preparation for your next training session or competition.


  • Office Workers, Trades people, Production Line Workers, Nurses, Stay at home parents


For those of you who spend too many hours working and find yourself suffering with increased muscle tension, the same techniques will allow you to relieve tension and relax.







Only $80

Course Aims


  • Understand benefits of self massage
  • Understand causes of muscle pain
  • Identify contraindications for self massage
  • Identify appropriate use of heat and cold and how it may apply to self massage
  • Understand and demonstrate safe use of self massage tools
  • Demonstrate movements of self massage techniques
  • Demonstrate a basic level of anatomy
  • Perform self massage


Course Includes


  • 3 hours tuition by our highly regarded and respected Remedial Massage Therapist Neil Whillans
  • Small class numbers of 14
  • Detailed course booklet with instructional diagrams
  • All equipment provided
  • Afternoon tea and refreshments


Course Dates & Time


Saturdays from 1pm – 4pm.

Next Course Date: To be advised - contact us to express your interest

Pre-paid enrolments are essential.

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