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Massage Therapy

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Essential Massage Treatments


Remedial Massage


Remedial massage focuses on the treatment of soft tissue injuries, muscular aches and pains and postural imbalances. The main aim of this treatment is to find and treat the cause and symptoms of your condition.

Treatments consists of an assessment, a broad range of hands on massage techniques, hot and cold packs, stretching, as well as advice on home exercise and follow up treatments.  Our Remedial massage therapists work closely with our Physiotherapists and depending on your condition you may require the expertise of both therapists.


Sports Massage


Sports massage is for the active individual who is seeking to maintain and optimise their physical potential.  The purpose of this massage is to alleviate tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity.  Sports massage can be applied to prepare you for sport and assist in your recovery after sport.  However, sports massage is best used as a preventative treatment to promote flexibility and prevent injury.











Deep tissue massage



Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. The aim of this massage is to release patterns of tension in the muscles, through slow deep strokes through the muscle fibres.   A deep tissue massage will loosen muscle tissue, release toxins from the muscles and assist blood and oxygen to circulate properly.



30 mins $65
45 mins $75
60 mins $92

Soft tissue massage



A light to medium pressure massage aimed at relieving general muscular aches and pain, soreness and tension.  This massage provides the benefits of a treatment massage while retaining a relaxing essence.



Specialty Massage Treatments



Relaxation Massage



A gentle, smooth, flowing style whole body massage, that is both deeply relaxing and invigorating.  This massage will ease away stress, fatigue and tension, increase circulation, improve sleep and promote wellness.




60 mins $92

Lymphatic drainage massage



A moderate form of massage that removes excess fluid and stimulates the body’s lymphatic system to improve blood and lymph circulation and encourage a healthy immune system.  An overworked lymphatic system can leave your body feeling sluggish, tired and heavy.  This massage is especially useful during times when the body is feeling rundown and generally unwell.


45 mins $75
60 mins $92


Pregnancy Massage



A nurturing treatment for expectant mothers. This massage is a comforting and gently way to alleviate pregnancy aches and pains such as back pain, leg cramps, tension, fatigue, headaches and stress. Massage is applied to feet, legs, neck, shoulders and entire back.


60 mins $92

Seated Massage



This mini massage is the perfect solution for fast relief of neck pain, shoulder pain and headache. Performed on a special massage chair using Acupressure techniques, the seated massage offers an alternative when you just need a little pick me up.

15 mins $25