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Lifestyle vs Clinical Pilates

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Find the Pilates Class that's right for you!

Sandgate Physical Health Clinic offers a variety of Pilates options to suit everybody regardless of age, fitness goals, medical conditions, prior or current injuries and budget.

All our Pilates classes are taken by our team of experienced Pilates Instructors who have been helping our participants achieve their health & fitness goals for over 20 years.

All our classes are mat based and the instructors utilise a variety of equipment including exercise balls, therabands, Pilates Rings, rollers, sliding discs and more to help facilitate and challenge those deep postural muscles.


Our Lifestyle Classes are great for maintaining or improving all-over strength and conditioning. Attending Lifestyle Pilates regularly can help prevent injuries, enhance your performance for sports and help ease tension related aches such as back pain, neck pain and headaches. Our traditional Lifestyle Class runs for an hour with our Stretch Lifestyle Classes running for 45 minutes.

If you’re new to Sandgate Physical Health Clinic and would like to try one of our Lifestyle Classes, your first class is FREE!! Call 3869 1099 to book now.


Participants of Clinical Pilates Classes have a one on one session with a Physiotherapist before they can attend class. A tailored, goal orientated Pilates program is then devised that will be delivered in a small group session led by one of our Pilates trained Physiotherapists. Function and performance is monitored regularly to ensure participants are achieving the goals and results that they want. Clinical Pilates is ideal for those recovering from recent injuries, surgery or pregnancy or those who have specific functional impairments or weakness that may be stopping them from participating in their desired social or sporting activities.

Our Clinical Pilates Classes run for 45 minutes and Private Health Insurance rebates apply.

If you’re unsure which Pilates Class type will suit you best, please contact our friendly reception staff and they’ll be able to help advise and guide you in your Pilates journey.

Sandgate Physical Health Clinic, 119 Brighton Road, Sandgate.  Phone 3869 1099


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