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Pilates Exercise of the Month

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Pilates Exercise of the Month...


Bre's favourite -

Isometric Glute strengthening with Theraband


The Gluteals, or 'glutes' as we commonly refer to them, are muscles we target LOTS in Pilates.

The glutes are the large group of muscles at the back of our pelvis & hip and are critical to help us stay upright, stand on one leg, get up from a chair, jump and much, much more.

An isometric exercise is one in which the we contract the targeted muscle group, but there is none or very little movement at the joint. 'Flexing' our biceps to show off our 'guns' would be an example of an isometric exercise. Isometric exercises are great to start strengthening areas when people have acute pain and there are essential for treating tendon issues, for example, gluteal tendinopathies.

To perform the Isometric Glute with theraband exercise:

1. Start on your back, feet & knees should be shoulder width apart. A theraband loop should be positioned around your lower thighs as pictured.

2. Check you have a neutral spine. Your buttocks should be relaxed.

3. Gently push outwards into the band with both thighs until a low level contraction is felt in the back of your buttock or glute. 

4. HOLD for 20 seconds. Be sure to keep breathing!

5. Relax

6. Repeat 3 - 5 times


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