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“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”.


J.H Pilates


What is Pilates?


Pilates is a system of exercises designed to increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, and improve core stability, posture and balance. Pilates originated in the 1920’s as a form of rehabilitation for patients injured during the First World War. Joseph Pilates was the pioneer of the Pilates method. We incorporate modern knowledge of biomechanics and functional anatomy with these original methods to deliver a whole body, low impact exercise and conditioning program.


Benefits of Pilates training:


  • Improves your general fitness and well-being

  • Lengthens short muscles

  • Strengthens weak muscles

  • Develops the core postural muscles to stabilise the body

  • Maintains a supple and flexible spine

  • Creates strong, supple well-toned muscles

  • Reduces risk of injury to the body’s joints and muscles

  • Eases tension related aches such as neck pain and headache

  • Decreases back pain

  • Increases self confidence in your physical strength and appearance

  • Enhances your performance for sport



Pilates as a therapy


At Sandgate Physical Health Clinic our Pilates classes are designed and instructed by our qualified Physiotherapists. Physiotherapists are experts in how the body moves and functions therefore making our classes safe for people of all ages and fitness levels.

As a therapy Pilates is ideal for:


  • Lower back problems

  • Neck pain and headache

  • Recovery after surgery

  • Strength and toning after childbirth

  • Scoliosis and postural conditions

  • Sports conditioning and injury prevention


If you are unsure about attending a group class for your condition, our Physiotherapists are available and welcome one on one sessions. These sessions will include a full Physiotherapy assessment and individual programme that is tailored to your specific needs, limitations and condition.


Pilates Mat Classes


Mat based Pilates, the most popular method and our specialty, is a series of exercises performed on the floor using gravity and your own body weight to provide resistance. We also incorporate the use of Swiss balls, Pilates rings, Pilates toning balls & resistance bands in our classes. The result is conditioning of the deep supporting muscles, improved posture and improved movement control.


Pilates Stretch Classes



Pilates Stretch classes provide a series of head to toe stretches that will enable you to improve your flexibility and posture. Rather than concentrating on strengthening exercises, Stretch class is about core control with lengthening techniques. These classes use a variety of body positions to optimally lengthen tight muscles and ease body stiffness.


 Pilates Reformer & Trapeze



The reformer & trapeze are traditional Pilates apparatus used to help facilitate correct muscle patterns as well as increase muscle flexibility & strength. The beauty of the Reformer is its suitability for everyone from the elderly who cannot get up or down off the floor to high level athletes that need to be pushed that extra mile. One of our Pilates trained Physiotherapists conduct a thorough assessment of each patient before constructing a personalised Reformer / Trapeze program to help you achieve your goal.



Pilates for Pregnancy


We offer 2 Pilates class designed specifically for the mum to be and for those women who have recently welcomed a new addition to their family. The classes have more of a focus on preparing the body for carrying the baby, child birth and for the rigours of looking after your new bundle of joy!


Our Mums 'n' Bubs class and our Pregnancy class focus on;


  • Postural awareness and strengthening.

  • Back care during and after pregnancy.

  • Maintaining and training core strength.

  • Training the pelvic floor.

  • Flexibility.

  • Preparation for child birth.

  • Preparation for the post natal period.


Please contact the clinic for more information regarding our Mums 'n' Bubs & Pregnancy Classes.







Bookings Essential -ph 3869 1099 

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Our instructors


Susan McLean – Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Co-ordinator

Susan is the coordinator of our Pilates services and our resident Dance Physiotherapy specialist. Together with her special interest in Dance injury, Susan’s other Physiotherapy interests include Sports and Musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation. Susan is a fully accredited Pilates instructor having completed Level 1 & 2 Clinical Pilates – Dance Medicine Australia




 Susan Mclean


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   Neil Whillans         Trina Morris         Jessica Forbes         Ann Chipa           Ashley Haydock      Nicole Peavey






What to wear

Loose comfortable, stretchy type clothing is ideal. No footwear is worn during the class you may wear socks if you wish. Bring 2 standard size towels and some water to drink.


Come and try Pilates! Your 1st class is 1/2 price


Please note that our classes are very popular and always heavily booked. We recommend that you book a block of 10 classes to secure your place. Casual places are limited and cannot be guaranteed each week.





Pilates Matwork - 60 minute class
$200 for a block of 10 classes
$22 per casual visit
Pilates Stretch - 45 minute class
$150 for a block of 10 classes
$16 per casual visit

Health fund rebates


As our classes are run by Physiotherapists, most Health funds will provide a rebate depending on the level of cover you have. Check with your Health fund.