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Step-Safe Balance Class

Whilst a lot of people think that falls are a normal part of getting old, we know otherwise. Balance can be improved with physiotherapy by focusing on improving ankle flexibility, increasing lower limb strength and challenging the body systems that control balance.

The class will involve the following aspects:

  • Walking over unstable surfaces.
  • Stepping up and down and over objects.
  • Reaching outside the patient’s base of support.
  • Improving the patient’s endurance.
  • Education will be given on hazards and preventing falls, along with techniques on how to get off the floor.


The classes will be run and supervised by a physiotherapist. To optimize safety and well being the classes will be limited to a small, friendly group of eight people.

A balance assessment is undertaken prior to commencement and on completion of the classes.


Facts About Falls


  • Falls are the most common cause of hospitalisation in persons over the age of 65 years.
  • The risk of falling increases with age.
  • Most falls occur at home.
  • Falls are the major reason for older people deciding to move into residential care.
  • Most of the falls that occur at home are preventable.
  • Strengthening exercises reduce the risk of falls and the likelihood of fractures.


Causes of Falls


  • Poor balance.
  • Weakness of muscles.
  • Stiff joints.
  • Slow reaction times.
  • Rushing causing lack of concentration and carelessness.
  • Tiredness.
  • Dizziness.
  • Hazards about the home.
  • Taking risks- eg. Standing on chairs.
  • Unsuitable clothing or footwear.
  • Weakening eyesight – 300% more light is needed by the elderly to see as well as a 20 year old.
  • Incorrect use of medication can cause dizziness or poor balance.


Requirements for the class


  • Wear appropriate clothing that is loose-fitting and light weight.
  • Wear well fitting footwear with an enclosed heel and non-slip sole.
  • Come to class with the spectacles you normally wear (not your reading glasses.)
  • Bring any walking aids you may require to help with mobilising.
  • Bring any preventative medication like: inhalers, epi-pens, Glyceryl trinitrate (G.T.) spray.


Class Times


Classes run for 1 hour each week and the program runs for 8 weeks.

A balance assessment with the Physiotherapist is undertaken prior to commencement and on completion of the classes.


About Us


Sandgate Physical Health Clinic offers rehabilitation and support aimed at improving quality of life for people of all ages.

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Physiotherapy Initial Consultation fee for individual assessment then $15 per class

DVA & Medicare eligible clients are bulk billed with a
Doctor’s referral